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Little Red Dress

Topshop Valentines Day dress_-6

GIRL. Valentine’s Day is on SUNDAY. Do you know what you’re wearing??? I mean, I know what I’M wearing… pajamas. And not just any pajamas, you know it’ll be these pajamas. But that is neither here nor there. YOU are probably going on a date. If that’s the case… you need this dress. (Honestly, even if […] Read more…

Trench Vest + Striped Tee + Coated Skinnies

coated skinnies, trench vest, stripe tee

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend! Gearing up for yet another week, culminating in… Valentine’s Day! I’ll be sharing some V-Day inspo later in the week, but first up, I wanted to share a look that I wore this weekend to hit a Galentine’s Day event at Taudrey. I’ll admit, it wasn’t very […] Read more…

Striped Blazer + Button Down + Jeans

Stripe blazer, white button down, skinny jeans-5

February is here, loves! One full month into 2016, can you believe it? I know I can’t! I love February… Valentine’s Day, my little sisters’ birthdays, it’s a short month, the weather gets sort of chilly in Miami… lots to look forward to! My sister Megan was here over the weekend and we had a […] Read more…

Obsessed: Bag Charms

bag charms

Original Post Right now, I am SO into bag charms. From furry little pom poms to leather tassels, clipping a key fob onto your handbag is just a key trend right now that ALL the cool girls are copping. I’m personally partial to the fur pom, which you may or may not have noticed. (This […] Read more…

Bow Blouse + Leopard Pant + Jean Jacket

Choies bow blouse, j crew factory jean jacket, old navy harper pant in leopard, sole society tiia-2

I am so psyched for this look, guys! Sidenote: Sometimes, I just REALLY WANT TO SAY YA’LL. I’m so not Southern, but I just feel like sometimes you need to say. “YA’LL.” Like… “YA’LL. I’m so psyched for this look.” Right?! What do you think, can I pull it off?? My true love for the Old […] Read more…

Buffalo Plaid Skirt

buffalo plaid outfit idea

Guys, I am LOVING the chilly weather here in Miami! I am taking FULL ADVANTAGE and pulling out of my favorite winter-ready pieces. This whole week is supposed to be “cold”, so can bet I’ll be changing outfits 5 times a day to make sure I get to wear ALL my faves! LOL!  My friends […] Read more…

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

valentines day gift guide

Valentine’s Day is officially a month away! It’s funny, but the past few years, I had forgotten how much I LOVE Valentine’s Day. When I lived in New York, Valentine’s Day was always smack in the middle of New York Fashion Week, which sort of put a damper on things. Other than that, I think […] Read more…

Obsessed: Rebecca Minkoff Mini Love Bag

How to style the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Love crossbody bag

Original Post | Original Post | Original Post | Original Post Today, I thought I’d put a new spin on a rather old series here on A Sparkle Factor, Obsessed. My Obsessed series is usually a product I have my eye on that I think is a GREAT addition to your wardrobe. Today, though, I thought I’d do something a bit different and share […] Read more…

Turtleneck Sweater + Leather Leggings

Turtlneck sweater, leather leggings and over the knee boots-3

Today it was FINALLY a “cold” day in Miami! It was in the low 60s all day and I took advantage and actually shot this look today LOL. So, I am actually wearing this outfit as we speak. If you don’t believe… peep Snapchat! (username: stephaniepernas) PS… it was totally rainy and my hair got CRAZY. […] Read more…

Turtleneck + Boyfriend Jeans

How to style a turtleneck and boyfriend jeans-2

Now that the weather has (slightly) cooled off a bit, I’m eager to break out some of the more winter-y pieces I’ve been accumulating over the past few months. First up: the black turtleneck. I absolutely love the idea of a black turtleneck; it’s so chic and polished. Paired with a leather midi skirt, a […] Read more…

In My Makeup Bag: Current Beauty Faves

best beauty products

Part of my New Year’s goal to “Get organized” involves cleaning out my beauty arsenal. As a self-professed beauty junkie, I accumulate TONS of products. Some I love, some not so much. I always love to try new things and am constantly hopping from product to product. But, there are a few products I can’t help […] Read more…

Happy New Year! My 2016 Goals

2016 goals

I hope you had a wonderful New Year with your friends and loved ones! We just relaxed. I binge watched Jane the Virgin. So random… it’s SO GOOD, though! I’m obsessed! I definitely recommend it! So, here we are at the beginning of 2016! I can’t even believe it. I’m not going to lie- this […] Read more…

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