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9W <3 InStyle Fall 2014 Party: Tough Decisions, Flash Tats & Selfies


Last night, Violet Gaynor from InStyle Magazine and the Nine West team were in Miami at Dadeland Mall to fete the Fall 2014  9W <3 InStyle collection. If you’ve been a reader for awhile, you remember that I went to the spring event back in March and had a GREAT time! I was really excited to swing by the Dadeland Nine West store and shop the collection this season. I already had my eye on a few different styles, but wasn’t 100% sure which style I was going to end up with… truth be told, the collection is so good, I couldn’t really decide. TOO MANY OPTIONS.
stephanie pernas and violet gaynor

LOVED meeting the AMAZING Violet Gaynor from InStyle! We couldn’t stop chatting about everything from sneakers to Kate Middleton, Miami humidity to NYFW. So, so lovely! (And, I MEAN, so chic!)I asked Violet which was her favorite style from the collection and she confessed that it was the Jaiden, which she was wearing, but that she was probably a little biased because she loved her outfit so much. “…Number one, they’re comfortable, and two, I just feel like it’s kind of a little unexpected, I feel a little tough in them, a little edgy, you know?” She told me her second favorite was the Elia sandal, because, “It’s a really good day-to-night shoe!” We talked about the gorgeous jewel tones in the collection, and about how the collection is all leather and suede, which is unusual and special for the price point. (BTW: lots of questions about it, so here is my skirt.)

These necklaces, though!! HOW amazing are they? These aren’t your 90s era chokers, that’s all I can say.

instyle jaidenThe Jaiden looks amazing on display… and even better on. I say go for the sapphire, it’s SO on-trend for Fall. Believe it or not, they’re SO COMFORTABLE. I was SHOCKED when I put them on my feet how comfortable they were! They have a mid-heel height, and you can wear them for hours.

jaidenMy girl, blogger Kelly Saks of Kelly’s Kloset, tried on the burgundy version of the Jaiden first…

nine west jaiden…and then saw InStyle’s Violet Gaynor in the sapphire version and opted for the Jaiden in that color instead. (BOTH are SO GOOD.)

kelly saks and violet gaynorKelly Saks of Kelly’s Kloset and Violet Gaynor of InStyle (in their matching Jaidens!)

nine west tessaNine West revamped last season’s Gamin pump into the Tessa- same shape, similar body, but way more comfortable! The pitch is a little less steep, COMPLETELY making it 1000% more comfortable. I adore my Gamins but they’re a bit on the painful side. (I mean, they’re amazing and I still wear them.) Love the leopard pony hair and the black camo… totally cool, totally different. The Tessa is just as chic, and totally wearable.

NINE WEST TESSAThe black camo print is so cool… it’s incredible subtle, but a great way to add a little texture to a basic black pump.

instyle nine westDecided to try on my 4 favorite styles… the Tessa, the Elia, the Jaiden, and the Cate. Deciding which to buy was basically Sophie’s Choice.

nine west cateBut, the second I put the leopard pony hair Cate ankle strap heels on my feet… I knew. They were The One. When you know, you know. The best part about them is that they’re super sexy, but SUPER COMFORTABLE! Ankle straps can be tricky, and according to Nine West SVP of Marketing, Erika Szychowski, told me that when the ankle straps are designed for function and to keep on the shoe, the effect can be a little bit cankle-y… the Cate is fitted to not NEED the ankle strap for support. They’re designed purely to be aesthetic, so they’re a bit looser and are way more flattering and slimming on the ankles.

IMG_2593How adorable is the selfie mirror? I love a selfie.

IMG_2640Literally dying over how cute the cupcakes (from Misha’s!) were! They had the pieces from the collection on them!

IMG_2694There was a Flash Tat station and I designed myself a little arm party! (really regretting not doing a midi ring!)

IMG_2635HOW cool is this idea? Flash Tattoos all over your feet?? OBSESSED.

IMG_2648I mean… shoe selfie mirrors EVERYWHERE. My kind of store.

IMG_2688I’m totally a subscriber, but I haven’t had a chance to peek at my September issue! Julia looks AMAZE on the cover, no?

IMG_2705My goodies!!

blogger friendsLOVED hanging out with some of my blogger friends! Gissi from The Architect of Style and Netty from The Fashionable ESQ

Had so much fun at the event! Am so excited to wear my gorgeous new Cate heels! Thank you to Violet Gaynor and the lovely team at Nine West for hanging out with me and talking SHOES! Tell me in the comments: what style will you be buying?

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Small Screen Style Challenge: Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City

Small Screen Style Challenge(3)

Today is officially the last day of the Small Screen Style challenge, and of course, we had to end with a bang and pull out the big guns…. so without further ado, Carrie Bradshaw. There’s no way that you can do a series on stylish TV stars without including some SATC style. The show was truly a gamechanger in terms of onscreen style and fashionable leading ladies. Carrie Bradshaw’s enviable closet is the stuff dreams of which dreams are made.

Truth be told, the challenge of taking on an icon like Carrie Bradshaw was one I found daunting. There are just so many different ways I could’ve gone with the challenge, and so many different looks that would’ve felt right. I initially thought I would go full-on tutu… isnt’ that the iconic image we all think of? Carrie in a tulle skirt getting splashed by a bus? BUT, then I remembered this adorable dress that I’ve had in my closet… it reminded me of the Halston dress SJP wore in the SATC movie and I just felt like it was SO Carrie, I decided to just go with it. Obviously, I paired the dress with a pair of killer heels, wavy hair, and my old nameplate necklace. This nameplate necklace is from WAY WAY back, possibly circa elementary school… it was definitely locked up for awhile, but I’m SO into it now!

Make sure you check out how the other girls styled their Carrie looks!

The Peach Bellini

The Rachel Ross

Madeleine Blogs

Dearest Darling

small screen style challenge small screen style challenge small screen style challenge small screen style challenge

L is for Lover Dress via Nordstrom Rack (old and sold out), similar, similar , similar | Chanel bag (vintage) | AMI Clubwear Shoes (c/o)| Nameplate necklace (vintage) similar, similar

carrie bradshaw giveaway

Carrie was never really one for jewelry. (Her distaste for engagement rings is proof of that!) When we were choosing what pieces we felt would resonate as CARRIE BRADSHAW, we decided to go with a monogram necklace, as an updated take on the nameplate, and then opted to go for a cool, modern cuff. Interesting fact about the Carrie nameplate necklace: in the DVD commentary of the show, producer Michael Patrick King reveals that the Carrie nameplate necklace really signifies Carrie’s identity and sense of self. When she “loses herself” throughout the show, (her affair with Mr. Big, when she moves to Paris with Aleksander Petrovsky, etc.) she stops wearing or loses the nameplate necklace. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that when she’s making bad decisions or doing the wrong thing, she is NEVER wearing her necklace. (I LOVE THE DVD commentaries! You should definitely listen to them, they’re chock full of fascinating information about the show!)

I want to thank the LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY Rachel, Becca, Lindsay, and Maddy for working on this amazing collab with me! This has been such a fun series and I’ve loved getting to know the girls better. Extra special thanks to Roman & Sunstone for sponsoring our FABULOUS giveaway of $600 worth of pieces of Sunstone, Roman Luxe and Boy Meets Girl x Roman Luxe jewels! Remember, the winner wins ALL 8 PIECES! (So jealous of whoever the winner is! Promise you’ll let me borrow?) Tell me in the comments: what did you think of the series? Which day was your fave?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Small Screen Style Challenge: Olivia Pope from Scandal

Small Screen Style Challenge(2)

Day three of the Small Screen Style challenge brings us to the on-screen fashionista that started it all- Olivia Pope on ABC’s Scandal. The genesis of this whole series was a discussion about Olivia’s onscreen style… something I’ve been interested in for awhile. Before Olivia Pope, our onscreen style stars tended to be larger-than-life fashionistas with outrageous wardrobes to match- gals like Carrie Bradshaw, Blair Waldorf and Alexis Carrington. Olivia’s high powered position and the DC setting of Scandal mean her wardrobe, although still glamorous and high fashion, is on the more conservative side. Sheath dresses, gorgeous suits and muted color palettes are the name of the game. I’m no minimalist; my own personal style tends to be more… sparkly. But I can appreciate a chic and sleek silhouette as much as the next girl. (If you’re a faithful reader, you may remember my post on House of Cards’ Claire Underwood; it’s one of my most popular posts!) I spotted this Bar iii dress at Macy’s and INSTANTLY felt OLIVIA POPE. I actually had a white blazer as well, but come on, this is MIAMI, it’s 100 degrees… no jacket. The black paneling is SUPER flattering and the sleek bag and shoes were the perfect accents. Make sure you check out how the other gals styled THEIR Olivia Pope looks… I’m beyond obsessed with Rachel’s look! (THAT BELT!)

The Peach Bellini

The Rachel Ross

Madeleine Blogs

Dearest Darling

IMG_2084 IMG_2113 IMG_2122Bar iii Dress | Phillip Lim for Target Bag (old) similar, similar (designer version) | Prabal Gurung for Target Heels (old) similar , similar

The Olivia Pope-inspired jewels we chose for the giveaway are very classic, elegant and tasteful… just like Olivia! As a minimalist, she tends to keep it simple when it comes to jewelry- usually just gorgeous diamond studs and the occasional necklace. Remember, if you win the giveaway, you win all the jewels from ALL 4 DAYS OF THE CHALLENGE! So, you’ll win these two pieces in addition to yesterday’s Rachel Green inspired jewels and the Mindy Lahiri pieces from Monday’s post!

olivia pope giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Small Screen Style Challenge: Rachel Green from Friends

Small Screen Style Challenge(1)

It’s Day Two of the Small Screen Style Challenge, and today, we’re tackling a fashion icon of days past. (Who I’m STILL inspired by!) Who is it? None other than the beautiful and stylish Ms Rachel Green. When I initially set out on this style challenge, I envisioned myself channeling the polished, professional Rachel of later seasons. When I started going through my closet, however, I became suddenly inspired by the OLD Rachel… the Rachel of Central Perk days! The end result? A 90s era grunge gone glam look! I decided to go for a (vintage? It’s from the 90s…. so, authentic!) Gap slinky t-shirt dress, a flannel and my fave pair of strappy red sandals… a total steal from Macy’s! I styled my hair in a classic, Rachel Green-esque messy updo, and there you have it!

It seems that the girls and I were  all on the same page, because we pretty much ALL went Waitress Rachel instead of Fashion Buyer Rachel… surprising, right?! Check out some of the other girls’ takes:

The Peach Bellini

The Rachel Ross

Madeleine Blogs

Dearest Darling

Small Screen Style Rachel Green Friends Small Screen Style Rachel Green Friends Small Screen Style Rachel Green Friends Small Screen Style Rachel Green Friends Small Screen Style Rachel Green FriendsGap Tshirt Dress (vintage), similar | Forever 21 Flannel (old), similar, similar| Rachel Rachel Roy Sandals

RachelGreenGiveawayArtIn case you didn’t check out yesterday’s post, we’re doing a MAJOR jewelry giveaway with Roman & Sunstone, valued at over $600! We’ve selected two pieces per style icon that we think really represent their personal style, and will be debuting them each day with their celeb muse. Check out the two super chic pieces we’ve chosen to go with Rachel. Make sure you enter the giveaway below, and remember… if you win, you’ll also win the jewelry we debuted yesterday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Small Screen Style Challenge: Mindy Lahiri from The Mindy Project

Small Screen Style Challenge

Happy Monday! I am SO excited to finally let you guys in on what I have planned for this week! If you follow me on Twitter, (which, hello, you should DEFINITELY be doing, because it’s tons of fun over there!) you may have heard that I’ve been planning a really fun and cool top-secret collaboration with a few of my blogger gal pals. Rachel Ross, Maddy Douglass from Madeleine Blogs, the lovely gals from Dearest Darling, Becca Wood from The Peach Bellini, and I got to chatting about onscreen style one day. In truth, the whole thing started when we began discussing Olivia Pope’s onscreen style, which evolved into a conversation about small screen style stars past and present. We decided to get together and challenge ourselves to choose our 4 favorite small screen style icons and channel them on our respective blogs for a whole week. PLUS… there is an AMAZING giveaway! We are raffling off over $600 worth of jewels from Roman & Sunstone! We’ve chosen 2 pieces that represent each of our selected icons’ onscreen style personas… and next Monday, we’ll choose a winner to win the whole thing! We’ll unveil two pieces per day, so make sure you keep checking back.

You’ll have to tune in everyday to see who we chose to emulate, but for day one? We chose Mindy Kaling’s hilarious and endearing character, Mindy Lahiri, on The Mindy Project.

I was so excited about Mindy! I love that her personal style is quirky and fun, and that she always takes risks and tries new things. She is always on-trend, and is usually in bright, fun colors. Girlfriend is not a afraid of a good print mix!

For my look, I decided to do a print mix. I was inspired by a black and white look she rocked on the show, and decided to use red as a fun pop-of-color. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the key to a successful print mix is color palette. As I chose black and white, it was really easy to choose two patterns that worked well together. Mindy embraces her curves and typically opts for a figure-flattering, bodycon silhouette, so I chose this amazing jersey pencil skirt from Old Navy and striped tee. (You KNOW how I feel about Old Navy lately!)

Make sure you check out the other girls’ looks too! I love that we all interpreted Mindy’s personal style differently… and LOVE the way some of the other girls embraced Mindy’s love of layering!

The Peach Bellini

The Rachel Ross

Madeleine Blogs

Dearest Darling

a sparkle factor mindy lahiri mindy project style challengea sparkle factor mindy lahiri mindy project style challenge a sparkle factor mindy lahiri mindy project style challengea sparkle factor mindy lahiri mindy project style challengeTee: Old Navy | Skirt: Old Navy | Necklace: J Crew Factory (old), similar | Shoes: Target (old), similar, similar, similar

By the way, TODAY until 12noon, get 30% off everything at Old Navy and 40% off at Gap and Banana Republic with the code “AMPM“. Use the code after 12pm, and you can still get 20% off Old Navy and 35% off Gap and Banana Republic!

mindy giveaway graphicAs I mentioned before, we are giving away a Roman & Sunstone prize pack with 8 pieces of jewelry! Each day we’ll debut two of the pieces in the pack, starting with Mindy. The two jewelry pieces we selected for Mindy are from the AMAZING Boy Meets Girl x Roman Luxe collaboration and they are SO cool… AND they’re actually pieces that have appeared ON Mindy on an episode of The Mindy Project! Make sure you enter below and remember… the more ways you enter, the better your chances are to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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7 Things to Consider Before Buying an Outfit

7 things to consider before buying an outfit

We’re all guilty of it. Sometimes, we get swept away while shopping and ending up buying things that we later ask ourselves… “what was I THINKING?” Blame it on pushy salespeople, good store lighting, desperation… who knows. To help prevent a nasty case of Buyer’s Remorse, I’ve made a list of 7 things to consider before buying any outfit.

1. Will I actually wear this?

Are you ACTUALLY going to wear it? This is the question that always comes up when something is a REALLY GOOD DEAL. A lot of times, this how you end up with that weird, sequin crop top in your closet. (“It’s only $19! Reduced from $120!) While I’m all ABOUT a sequin crop top… maybe pass if you’re only buying it because it’s a great bargain. Buy it if you can actually see yourself wearing it… if not, let it go.

2. Do I have something like it already?

Sometimes we fall into ruts and end up buying the same things over and over. Really, it’s a matter of stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things. It’s easy to stick to what you know. Use the opportunity to try something NEW. If you have 203 black pencil skirts… maybe skip buying #204.

3. Does it fit properly?

Fit is important. Make sure that you choose pieces that fit properly and that don’t pull, ride up or are too baggy. If a piece is the wrong size, you’ll never wear it.

4. Do I feel good in it?

How do you feel when you wear it? If you feel sexy, and beautiful and confident, GO FOR IT. If you don’t feel comfortable in it, don’t buy it. You’ll never wear it.

5. Can I afford it?

This one is pretty self explanatory. If you can’t afford it… don’t buy it.

6. What do I already own that I can wear it with?

Think about your wardrobe and what you already own. Mentally put together 3 outfits you can make using the piece you’re considering with what you already have in your closet. If you can visualize the piece as a part of a couple of different looks, you’re way more likely to wear it.


At the end of the day, sometimes there are pieces we just love and are attracted to and need to make ours ASAP. (Love at first sight, if you will.) Those are the purchases you ONLY regret when you DON’T make. And honestly, if you love something, BUY IT.

So, tell me in the comments: what do you think? What questions do you ask yourself before you buy something?

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Fall Fashion Finds From Old Navy


Let me tell you, Old Navy has been knocking it out of the park lately. I’ve always been a fan of the chain, but the past year, they’ve really upped their game. Season after season, I’ve been impressed with their selection of both basics and trend pieces. I popped by an Old Navy store over the weekend to shop for some pieces for an upcoming series that I’m going to be doing with some of my FAVORITE blogger gals (we’ll unveil it next week! I can’t wait for you to see!) and was BLOWN AWAY. I literally took a humongous pile of clothing into a fitting room and was in there for at least a half hour. Couldn’t decide! I definitely need every single one of their adorable fashion tees! I rounded up some of my fave pieces available now. Shop below and tell me in the comments: what pieces will you be scooping up from Old Navy for fall?

Shop More Old Navy Faves…

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You’re Invited: Nine West & InStyle Fall 2014 Collection Launch at Dadeland Mall

Nine West InStyle Miami Party

It’s that time again! InStyle magazine is headed to sunny South Florida to fete their new collab with Nine West! The last time InStyle was here I had a total blast at the party, chatting with Accessories Director Leah Karp about her fave style in the collection. This season, Senior Fashion Editor Violet Gaynor will be on hand to style guests AND there’s a superluxe giftbag with any $75 purchase!

The collab offers shoes, handbags and jewelry, and is in-stores now. Shoes range in price between $79-$139, bags between $149-$229, and jewels between $40-$60. The collection’s rich jewel tones and luxe tuxtures are perfect for fall. (And you KNOW I’m a sucker for a leopard pump!)

See below for all the info, and then peek at the collection below! (You remember last season I STALKED the sold-out Gamin D’orsay pump all over the US… it’s been revamped this season as the Tessa!) Shop below and tell me in the comments: which style are you going to be snagging?

Where: Nine West, Dadeland Mall

When: Thursday, August 21 6-8pm


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How to Shop Your Favorite Instagrams





liketk2If you follow a lot of bloggers on Instagram, there’s no doubt that you’ve already signed up for Like to Know It and know all about this revolutionary new way to shop your favorite Instagrammer’s photos. If you don’t know about it, I wanted to fill you in so you don’t miss out on all the fun! All you have to do is visit LikeTK, sign up once with your email, “LIKE” photos with a LikeTK link on Instagram, and you’ll get an email with all of the shopping deets on your favorite photos! (You can receive emails hourly, daily or weekly… you set your preference!) Get Started!

Step 1: Register on the website

Step 2: “LIKE” Instagrams with the link in them

Step 3: Receive ready-to-shop links in your inbox.

Make sure you’re following me on Instagram and start liking for all the fashionable 411 on my photos!

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Teen Choice Awards 2014: Invasion of the Crop Tops

Fashion at the Teen Choice Awards usually falls into two categories: fun and young or tragic and junior. I really enjoy checking out the red carpet at more lowkey awards shows like the TCA, because everyone tends to have FUN with their outfit choices and not take themselves so seriously. Events like the Oscars and Globes are fabulous and glamorous, but sometimes, it’s nice to see celebs let their hair down and enjoy fashion in a more casual atmosphere. Last night’s TCA red carpet proved one thing; the crop top set is alive and well! I’m personally a huge fan of the trend and was so excited to see so many chic starlets embrace it as well. My personal fave? Shay Mitchell, hands down. Check out the looks below, shop some fun crop top sets to get the look for yourself, and then let me know in the comments: who was your favorite at the TCA?

Chloe Grace Moretz

Haley Ramm

Jordin Sparks

Taylor Swift

Nina Dobrev

Shay Mitchell

Get the Look

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