10 Things to Try in September


There’s just something about September that feels refreshing and rejuvenating. Blame it on the ‘Back to School’ mindset instilled in us since we were young, but come September 1, I FEEL like it’s Fall, don’t you? Even though the new season doesn’t officially kick off until September 23, I’m desperate to leave summer behind and start on autumn. (I’m sure the fact that it’s 90 degrees outside today doesn’t help!) I’ve made a list of 10 things I want to try in September and you should, too!

1. Culottes. The first time I spotted culottes in a mag, I was intrigued. I’m typically open minded to new trends and interested in experimenting with them in a way that makes sense in my wardrobe. I’m a fashion optimist. I think that if you love something and want to wear it, you should! I think you can figure out a way to make most anything chic. (Tips: wear heels, make sure the length is flattering, and keep it polished.)

Cute Culottes

2. Wearing white after Labor Day. Fashion rules were made to be broken. I’m all for wearing white after Labor Day, as long as you keep the look seasonally appropriate. Skip sandals, crochet, linen, and only wear white denim if you’re doing a darker look. (ie: no head-to-toe white denim looks! OR white denim jackets.) If you’re looking to make something look a little more autumn, try adding a leather moto jacket or a pair of suede ankle booties.

Winter Whites

3. Shop the Altuzarra for Target collection. The anticipated Altuzarra for Target collection launches September 14th, make sure you outline your plan of attack before hitting the stores. Check out the lookbook.

4. A deep berry lip. My absolute favorite beauty look for fall is a berry lip, dewy skin, and a top knot.

Berry Lipsticks I Love

5. A pumpkin scented candle. Nothing says fall like the scent of pumpkin. Kick off the season with a delicious candle to get you in the spirit.

Yummy Pumpkin Candles

6. Metallic Birkenstocks. (hey, it’s still summer!) We still have a few weeks left of summer, and I suggest that we take full advantage and take the plunge on metallic Birks.

Cute Metallic Birks

7. Upgrade your office supplies. I don’t know about you, but I totally miss school supply shopping. Get your fix by upgrading your office supplies. Why not? You need them!

Glam Office Supplies

8. Get organized. Transitioning to a new season is the perfect time to refocus, get organized, and re-prioritize. I’m cleaning out my closet, making a list of goals for the next month, and really focusing on buckling down. (By the way, need help editing down your closet or figuring out what you need for the next season? Let’s work together!)

9. Try out Oyster for unlimited books. I got a two month free trial with Gilt City, and just downloaded the Oyster app… let me tell you, I’m in LOVE! Unlimited books all for $9.95 a month. (Which is basically what you pay for one book.) I’ve been perusing the catalogue,and anything you could want to read is there! My book list is full of fashion reads, biographies, NYTimes fiction best sellers, and business self help books.

10. Rewatch Gossip Girl on Netflix. (or watch for the first time!) I just re-watched the whole series on Netflix… and it made me miss it so much! They really just don’t make shows like that anymore. It amazed me how relevant the fashion still is! I had forgotten a lot about the series and thoroughly enjoyed revisiting it. I’m only sad that it’s over… again!

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  • Te he… I’ve been rewatching Pretty Little Liars like a fiend lately! I watched Gossip Girl this time last year. The pumpkin candles are a must! I have a few left over from last fall and I’ve been all too happy to pull them out of storage and light them up!

    • I need to catch up on PLL! I’m, like, a season behind. I kind of slowed down watching because (This is so nerdy) I read the books and I’m so frustrated with what they’re doing on the show! (it’s SO FAR FETCHED.) The books were MIND BLOWING, and while there are PARTS of the books that they’ve kept, it’s so stupid to me that they took something that was SO GENIUS and then kind of made it more convoluted. IDK! I will catch up eventually… But, re-watching GG was so good! I’m so sad it’s over haha! xx S

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  • I definitely cannot wait to try the winter whites, the berry color lips, I really want to try the Birks as wells maybe not the metallics and hopefully before it gets too cold.

    Maggie A

    • Well, there are still a few weeks left in summer! (SEPT 22 is the first day of Fall!) I LOVE a berry colored lip… it’s just so glamorous and mysterious. <3 x S

  • definitely shopping the altuzarra at Target!

    • Have you already drawn up your battle plan?? Knowing what you want before you get there makes it SO MUCH EASIER! (Also, a tip: Target always restocks the next week… if you don’t get what you wanted the first time around, know they’ll most likely get more pieces later!) Can’t wait to hear what you snag! x S

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  • This post literally left me so much more excited for September! I just hope it gets cool fast! The Kate Spade bow clips are so cute, I’ve been seeing them everywhere! I’m also wanting to try a deeper berry or plum-colored lipstick. Thanks for making my evening so much better than it already was 🙂

    • Thanks so much for checking out the post! I’m obsessed with the Kate Spade clips!! Why should students have all the fun?? I MISS SCHOOL SUPPLIES! x S

  • I seriously can’t wait until fall arrives! I usually get intimidated by berry lips, but I’m eager to try it out for the first time. Great post, btw! 🙂


    • Thank you!! So glad you enjoyed. I think you should totally take the plunge on the berry lips! Try a plum gloss or stain if you feel the lipstick is too intense for your first try. But I think you can totally rock it! x S

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  • A pumpkin scented candle is a wonderful idea!

  • I’m not kidding when i say i woke up today thinking- i wonder if i should nip into the shops to buy culottes this morning! i know they were a big summer trend but I am not sure if they will leak into the shops this autumn. i am in Berlin where the high street shops arent quite as ‘with it’ as the LDN ones (where i live occassionally) Anyhoo I got a fantastic pair of culottes from Primark over summer. I dont like to endorse Primark for obvious reasons, but i’m sorry, the culottes were fantastic. And now i want more! The great thing about culottes is if you blink quickly, they almost look like skirts, but then you have the freedom that shorts give you!

    • I ABSOLUTELY AGREE! I mentioned culottes on Twitter recently and there was a definite STRONG division of opinion on them! You’re so right, the great ones just look like skirts! I think it’s all about finding the right pair. As for a fall transition, maybe you could try a sheer tight with a t-strap pump?? Really depends on the culottes in question. Love that you took a risk on them! 🙂 xx S

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