2015 Golden Globe Red Carpet Style Roundup

Confession: I missed last night’s Golden Globe Awards. With the weekend winding down, Girls premiering and trying to get some work done, I just skipped the Globes. (Judging from my Twitter timeline, I didn’t miss much. Everyone seemed to think it was a snoozefest, huh?) But, this morning, I was really excited to get online and check out all of the red carpet coverage.

Overall, I felt a tad underwhelmed. Some of my usual favorites like Keira Knightley and Claire Danes flat out disappointed while others simply underwhelmed. There were a couple of dresses I love love LOVED but many I felt just… lukewarm about. Check out my thoughts:

Best Dressed

Reese Witherspoon in Calvin Klein: Reese is always a red carpet fave of mine. She takes chic, calculated risks that pay off. I’m sure my love for this Calvin look is no surprise! The tailoring is flawless, the color perfect, and the styling is on-point. I love that she kept her beauty look understated and pretty, and the accessories balance perfectly.

Emma Stone in Lanvin: This look gave me pause for half a second. At first, I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about a jumpsuit on the red carpet, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s Emma Stone. (Funny that at last year’s Globes, Emma WATSON wore the pants!) I love the drama of the bow in the back and the crystal embellishment of the bustier is perfection and elevates the entire look. It’s a daring risk and I definitely give her props for thinking outside the box! She looks cool, elegant and totally chic. A winner in my book!

Julianne Moore in Givenchy Couture: As a nominee, I expected Julianne Moore would turn it out in something amazing. I am crazy for this Givenchy Couture dress! The sequins, the feathers, the subtle ombre, it just WORKS without being crazy over-the-top. She looked elegant and beautiful; this was a total hit for me.

Diane Kruger in Emilia Wickstead: Are you sensing a theme here? OBVIOUSLY my faves are the glittery ones. As she counts Jason Wu a close personal friend, I assumed she’d hit the Globes in either his eponymous line or Hugo Boss, but was wrong! I loved this Emilia Wickstead. It was tailored to perfection and was just SO elegant and beautiful. The color was amazing, her styling on-point and I am obsessed with those earrings. It feels modern, yet timeless.

Dakota Johnson in Chanel: THIS. IS. MY. FAVORITE. Dakota wins best dressed for me at the Globes! If I was going to a black tie function, this is exactly what I would wear. The mixed textures, the slit, the sequin train… I’m loving this. I like the styling and her beauty look is a perfect complement.

Taylor Schilling in Ralph Lauren: Another surprising designer choice! I was predicting Thakoon or Prabal, so was surprised to see Taylor hit the red carpet in Ralph Lauren. This was a great dress for Taylor; the color was amazing on her, the styling was on-point and I loved that she went with a sleek hair style. The back of this dress is just SO much drama, I had to include a shot of it. Love! It made the whole thing.

Anna Kendrick in Monique Lhuillier: I was excited to see this look on Anna after what I felt like were a few red carpet misses for her. The Monique Lhuillier she chose for the Globes was the perfect pretty princess dress. I loved the color, the tulle, the accessories… a great choice. (Plus, a princess dress is only appropriate since she was attending for Into The Woods, in which she plays Cinderlla!)

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad: Let’s be honest, did anyone expect JLo to show up in anything BUT a sexy, vavavoom shopstopper? The look was undeniably sexy and a definite “wow” moment. I loved the drama, the styling was great, and… it’s JLo. Bombshell.

Julia Goldani Telles in Carmen Marc Valvo: I was absolutely impressed with the startlet’s red carpet choice. (In case you’re not familiar, Julia is from Showtime’s The Affair, which won big last night.) This dress was a gorgeous color, looked amazing on her, and managed to walk the fine line between sexy and conservative.

Allison Williams in Armani Prive: OK. I feel like I need to take a second to gloat, because in AUGUST, I wrote that I wanted to see this dress on Allison at the Primetime Emmy’s! (Someone must be reading ASF!) Love it. LOVE LOVE. So excited. (I also think that the dress that Dakota Johnson wore last night is a modified version of the dress I chose in this story for Kerry Washington.)


Amal Clooney: According to social media, I may be in the minority here, but I was disappointed by Amal. Maybe I just expect more from her? She’s always so glamorous and beautiful, but the gloves just felt like a miss to me. They felt costumey and gimmicky. This was a huge red carpet moment for her and I felt she fell flat.

Claire Danes: Granted, it’s not the WORST. I loved her make up and earrings. I just wasn’t a fan of this dress, I felt the fit was weird, and I just… didn’t get it. This might also be a case of me expecting too much. I didn’t LOATHE it, I was just… underwhelmed.

Ruth Wilson: Ruth was a nominee ( and big winner!) last night, so I felt that this dress didn’t really have the necessary star power. I just wasn’t wild about it. This is another case of me feeling underwhelmed and just not INTO IT. Again, not HORRIBLE.

Keira Knightley: Keira is ALWAYS one of my favorites. I was baffled by this strange dress. It was so matronly and weird at the same time. With so many stylish pregnant ladies absolutely killing the red carpet game lately, I just wasn’t into this.

Kate Mara: I usually love Kate, and this just felt OFF to me. I didn’t like the ruffles, the belt felt weird, another case of being underwhelmed by someone who is usually SO on.

Rosamund Pike: I think a lot of people really liked this look. Rosamund was a nominee, so all eyes were definitely on her last night. I like the concept of this dress, the idea of it. I didn’t like the execution. The fit is bad, the boobs look weird and saggy and I just… wanted to like it, but felt it missed the mark. Her beauty and accessory looks were FLAWLESS, though!

Zosia Mamet: This was just a mess for me. I don’t like the gray hair, first of all. I’ve just never really gotten that whole thing. But beauty aside, I hated this dress. The colorblocking was weird, the colors didn’t work together, the peoplum was too long, and the fit of the bustier was off. The boobs looked funny and the dress just did her no favors.

Lana del Rey: Oh, Lana. This dress was just a bad, bad idea. The color was dated and weird, the fit was off, the pleating wasn’t flattering and she just did NOT look good. I would’ve loved to have seen her in something a little more current.

So there you have it! Tell me in the comments: What do you think of my picks for best and worst dressed?

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