56 Amazing Coats Under $200

If you follow me on Twitter, (which, hello, you should!) you may have seen me lamenting the lack of winter weather here in sunny South Florida. I know, I know. My friends in the northeast absolutely do NOT want to hear it. I know that living in Miami seems wonderful and beautiful… but truthfully, having a perma-summer is no fun! Dressing for ANY one season at all times is just boring. Having lived in New York for 5 years– I GET IT. Winter’s can be rough and you get over it fast.  But seeing everyone’s perfectly curated snowy Instagrams definitely made me long for cooler weather… and a gorgeous coat. I scoured the web and rounded up 56 amazing coats for all my friends braving the polar vortex.

I love coats and I’m a huge fan of a statement-making topper. Your coat is the first (and oftentimes only) thing people see. Investing in a great coat is a definite must. Check out my picks and tell me what you think in the comments!

Pastel Coats

Bright Coats

Patterned Coats

Fur Trimmed/ Fur Coats (Faux, of course!)

More Fave Coats

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