6 Binge Worthy TV Shows You’re Probably Not Watching

Binge-Worthy-TV-ShowsI am a huge fan of the binge-watch. My TV-watching habits have totally changed since Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime TV became things. (I mean, let’s get real, all of ours have!) I absolutely hate watching a show in real time, having to wait for a new episode to come out every week, by the time it does, you’ve basically forgotten what had happened before. Or worse, when a show has a season finale and then you have to wait 6 months to a year for a new episode. UGH. If I miss a few episodes of a show and it’s on Netflix, I’ll usually just wait for the whole season to get uploaded and then watch it all at once lol.

We all do it and I know that we’ve all binged the usual shows– Gossip GirlPretty Little LiarsBreaking Bad. I wanted to highlight some of my favorite shows you can currently binge that maybe you’ve missed or didn’t realize how GOOD they are. (I was going to do 10, but then I couldn’t pair it down from 11, so here we are.) Some of these shows are still currently on TV, so you can’t watch all of it, but a lot of these aren’t on anymore so you can binge the whole thing.

The 100 

OK, so I had recorded The 100 when it first premiered a few years ago, but never actually watched it. Seasons 1-4 are live on Netflix with season 5 set to premiere on The CW on April 24th. I am currently watching The 100 and started my binge, no joke, on Thursday. I can’t get enough, it’s such a good show. I love it so much so far, that I even started the first book! (You know I love a good adaptation!) So what’s it about?

Set in a post-apocalyptic future, all of the human race lives on a spaceship called The Ark. We find out in episode 1 that The Ark is dying and unable to sustain human life, so the government sends a group of 100 teen criminals to Earth to see if the planet is survivable. (Basically, it’s a death sentence.) The show is pretty much Lost meets Lord of the Flies with a little bit of 90210 thrown in lol.


Younger is probably my favorite show on TV right now, and if you aren’t watching it, you are missing out. It’s created by Darren Starr, who if you don’t know, created shows like Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210, and Sex & the City.

Younger is about a 40-year-old suburban housewife and mom who decides to go back to work after a bitter divorce leaves her with nothing. When she has trouble securing a job in publishing, she lies about her age and says she is 26-years-old to get a job as an assistant. Complications arise when she falls for both a 26-year-old tattoo artist and her super hot 40something boss. The show has one of my all-time favorite love triangles, Hilary Duff, and SATC’s Pat Fields as costume designer… so the fashion is good. WATCH THIS SHOW. Seasons 1-4 are currently streaming on Hulu. The 5th season comes back over the summer and it’s on TVLand, which I know is sort of random, but whatever. It’s a comedy and is super funny and lighthearted.

Covert Affairs 

I binged this show a couple of years ago on Amazon Prime, and was so, so upset when it was unexpectedly canceled. (Like, ends a total, horrible cliff hanger that pissed me off, but it’s still a great show!) The show stars Piper Perabo (who I LOVE!!) as covert CIA agent Annie Walker and how she navigates work and her life, all while keeping the secret of her real job from her family. She gets pulled in early from training to help on a case… little does she know, it’s actually a trap to lure her ex-boyfriend (a rogue CIA agent) out of hiding. It’s a twist-y thriller with dashes of romance and the whole time you’re just rooting for her to get together with her handler, Auggie Anderson played by Christopher Gorham. The whole series is available on Amazon Prime.

The Royals

If you’re a fan of Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill, this show is for you. It’s basically today’s version of Gossip Girl, written by OTH creator Mark Schwann. (Or at least it was until he got fired a few months ago for sexual harrassment allegations, whoops.) No matter, we can still enjoy the great show now run by someone else lol. The Royals follows England’s fictional royal family as they deal with the crowned prince’s sudden death and the aftermath of what it means for them all: a ruthless queen, a party girl princess, and playboy prince who suddenly has to grow up and be the heir to the throne. The show is super soapy and twisty… and you have to see it!! It’s on E! but currently all seasons are streaming on Amazon Prime.

Jane the Virgin 

I honestly though this show sounded soooo stupid when I first heard about it. Spanish-style telenovela about a virgin who gets accidentally artificially inseminated?? LUDICROUS. However, after watching it, I was instantly hooked. It’s funny and smart and pokes fun at the more dramatic, over-the-top story lines. Besides, I’m a sucker for any show that has a good love triangle and on this one, I am #TeamRafael all the way. Jane is streaming on Netflix and currently on Friday nights on The CW.


Reign was a great show!! I’m a major fan of historical dramas, and I love that The CW took a chance on a historical drama about the teenage Mary Queen of Scots. It’s a teen soap, but it’s also really fascinating and while the history is a little loose, it’s still rooted in truth. With a truly awesome soundtrack and the best accessories of all time, Reign feels contemporary and modern, even though it’s set in the 1500s. Reign is streaming in full on Netflix.

Do you watch any of these shows?? What are your favorite under-the-radar binge-worthy shows?? I’d love some recommendations! Let me know in the comments!

xo Steph


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