9W <3 InStyle Fall 2014 Party: Tough Decisions, Flash Tats & Selfies

Last night, Violet Gaynor from InStyle Magazine and the Nine West team were in Miami at Dadeland Mall to fete the Fall 2014  9W <3 InStyle collection. If you’ve been a reader for awhile, you remember that I went to the spring event back in March and had a GREAT time! I was really excited to swing by the Dadeland Nine West store and shop the collection this season. I already had my eye on a few different styles, but wasn’t 100% sure which style I was going to end up with… truth be told, the collection is so good, I couldn’t really decide. TOO MANY OPTIONS.
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LOVED meeting the AMAZING Violet Gaynor from InStyle! We couldn’t stop chatting about everything from sneakers to Kate Middleton, Miami humidity to NYFW. So, so lovely! (And, I MEAN, so chic!) I asked Violet which was her favorite style from the collection and she confessed that it was the Jaiden, which she was wearing, but that she was probably a little biased because she loved her outfit so much. “…Number one, they’re comfortable, and two, I just feel like it’s kind of a little unexpected, I feel a little tough in them, a little edgy, you know?” She told me her second favorite was the Elia sandal, because, “It’s a really good day-to-night shoe!” We talked about the gorgeous jewel tones in the collection, and about how the collection is all leather and suede, which is unusual and special for the price point. (BTW: lots of questions about it, so here is my skirt.)
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These necklaces, though!! HOW amazing are they? These aren’t your 90s era chokers, that’s all I can say.

nine west instyle jaiden, nine west jaiden, jaiden, nine west bootie, 9WInStyle, heels, red heels, blue heels, black heels, lace up bootie, nine west lace up bootieThe Jaiden looks amazing on display… and even better on. I say go for the sapphire, it’s SO on-trend for Fall. Believe it or not, they’re SO COMFORTABLE. I was SHOCKED when I put them on my feet how comfortable they were! They have a mid-heel height, and you can wear them for hours.

jaidenMy girl, blogger Kelly Saks of Kelly’s Kloset, tried on the burgundy version of the Jaiden first…

nine west jaiden…and then saw InStyle’s Violet Gaynor in the sapphire version and opted for the Jaiden in that color instead. (BOTH are SO GOOD.)

kelly saks and violet gaynorKelly Saks of Kelly’s Kloset and Violet Gaynor of InStyle (in their matching Jaidens!)

nine west tessa, 9WInStyle, instyle tessa, tessa heels, nine west tessa heels, leopard heels, camo heels, black heels, d'orsay heels, d'orsay, pumps, d'orsay pumps, black pumps, leopard pumps, camo pumps, Nine West revamped last season’s Gamin pump into the Tessa– same shape, similar body, but way more comfortable! The pitch is a little less steep, COMPLETELY making it 1000% more comfortable. I adore my Gamins but they’re a bit on the painful side. (I mean, they’re amazing and I still wear them.) Love the leopard pony hair and the black camo… totally cool, totally different. The Tessa is just as chic, and totally wearable.

nine west tessa, 9WInStyle, instyle tessa, tessa heels, nine west tessa heels, leopard heels, camo heels, black heels, d'orsay heels, d'orsay, pumps, d'orsay pumps, black pumps, leopard pumps, camo pumpsThe black camo print is so cool… it’s incredible subtle, but a great way to add a little texture to a basic black pump.

instyle nine west, 9winstyle, nine west, instyle nine west miami event, Decided to try on my 4 favorite styles… the Tessa, the Elia, the Jaiden, and the Cate. Deciding which to buy was basically Sophie’s Choice.

nine west cate, nine west instyle cate, nine west cate heels, ankle strap heels, leopard ankle strap heels, leopard ankle strap pumps, But, the second I put the leopard pony hair Cate ankle strap heels on my feet… I knew. They were The Ones. When you know, you know. The best part about them is that they’re super sexy, but SUPER COMFORTABLE! Ankle straps can be tricky, and according to Nine West SVP of Marketing, Erika Szychowski, when the ankle straps are designed for function and to keep on the shoe, the effect can be a little bit cankle-y… the Cate is fitted to not NEED the ankle strap for support. They’re designed purely to be aesthetic, so they’re a bit looser and are way more flattering and slimming on the ankles.

IMG_2593How adorable is the selfie mirror? I love a selfie.

IMG_2640Literally dying over how cute the cupcakes (from Misha’s!) were! They had the pieces from the collection on them!

Flash Tattoos, flash tat, flash tattoo braceletsThere was a Flash Tat station and I designed myself a little arm party! (really regretting not doing a midi ring!)

IMG_2635HOW cool is this idea? Flash Tattoos all over your feet?? OBSESSED.

IMG_2648I mean… shoe selfie mirrors EVERYWHERE. My kind of store.

IMG_2688I’m totally a subscriber, but I haven’t had a chance to peek at my September issue! Julia looks AMAZE on the cover, no?

IMG_2705My goodies!!

blogger friendsLOVED hanging out with some of my blogger friends! Gissi from The Architect of Style and Netty from The Fashionable ESQ

Had so much fun at the event! Am so excited to wear my gorgeous new Cate heels! Thank you to Violet Gaynor and the lovely team at Nine West for hanging out with me and talking SHOES! Tell me in the comments: what style will you be buying?

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