Beauty Goodies from The Beauty Place: Tigi Perfect Eyeliner, Decadent Lipstick & Macadamia Healing Oil

Twitter is without a doubt my favorite social media channel. I read a quote a million years that said something to the effect of… Twitter makes you love strangers you’ve never met and Facebook makes you hate your friends. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I HATE my friends, but I’m not really the biggest fan of the FB. For me, Twitter is where it’s at. Through Twitter and Twitter Chats, I’ve met amazing blogger gals and connected with some really cool brands I maybe wouldn’t have before. One such example is The Beauty Place. I connected with The Beauty Place on Twitter during Beauty High’s weekly BeautyChat. (Have you every joined in on Beauty Chat? It’s Fridays on Twitter between 2-3pm! Just follow the hashtag #BeautyChat!) We got to chatting about colored eyeliners, summer beauty trends, and basically everything beauty related under the sun. While we were chatting, I checked out their website, and fell in love! They carry amazing beauty brands like Bliss, Murad, and OPI, all at a discount. With a strong selection of skin care, cosmetics, hair tools, and more, it’s definitely a go-to destination for great, deluxe beauty products, at a great price. They were sweet enough to send over some goodies they knew I’d love, and I tested them out!


Macadamia Healing Oil c/o of The Beauty Place

The Macadamia Healing Oil was something I was DYING to try! My color treated hair has gotten pretty dry and frizzy over the summer… especially in the Miami heat! I had heard amazing things about it, but hadn’t taken the plunge in purchasing it. The oil that I was sent retails for $13.50, but you can get it from The Beauty Place for $6.99! Amazing deal. The oil made my hair hair silky and manageable without being totally greasy. Obsessed.

the beauy place 2

Tigi Cosmetics Perfect Eyeliner in Blue c/o The Beauty Place| Tigi Cosmetics Decadent Lipstick in Finesse c/o The Beauty Place

I was really excited to try out the Perfect Eyeliner in Blue and the Decadent Lipstick. I love a bold lip! I’m always wearing either a red, deep berry or bright, poppy pink. The Finesse shade is a bold pinkish-red. It’s not really pink but it’s not really red… I liked it! It’s not really like any other shade i have in my beauty arsenal. The lipstick typically retails for $19, but you can score it at The Beauty Place for $12.05. The eyeliner was a major beauty risk! I had been dying to try a colored eyeliner all summer and the sapphire, metallic blue of this smooth, creamy eyeliner was the perfect choice; I’d also been dying to try out eyeliner stamps from, but that’s for another time. I recommend lining the bottom waterline with the blue and wearing tons of mascara! It’s a great, subtle way to make your eyes pop. It wasn’t really that long lasting, but setting it with powder did the trick. It comes in a variety of other colors as well, and even though it retails for $17 elsewhere, scoop it up for $8.99 at The Beauty Place. Metallic colored eyeliner is a trend that’s going to extend into Fall, so it’s the perfect time to take a risk on the colored eyeliner if you were too nervous about it in the summer.

So, tell me in the comments: what do you think? Are you going to be trying out colored eyeliner? What color lipstick is your go-to? Have you tried the Macadamia Healing Oil?


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