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Midi skirt and striped tee outfit-12
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A Personal Note On Loss…

This week has been kind of crazy, what with shooting for the blog and working on different projects. I’ve also had some personal stuff going on– my grandfather has been suffering with Lewy Body Dementia for the past few…

10 things to try in april
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10 Things to Try in April

Happy Easter! I can’t even believe that it’s April. I’ve been so busy this first week, working on the Flavors and Fashions fashion show next week at the Palm Beach Outlets. If you’re in South Florida, you should definitely…

7 things to consider before buying an outfit
Thoughts + Advice

7 Things to Consider Before Buying an Outfit

We’re all guilty of it. Sometimes, we get swept away while shopping and ending up buying things that we later ask ourselves… “what was I THINKING?” Blame it on pushy salespeople, good store lighting, desperation… who knows. To help…