Chatting With Steve Madden: Keyshia Cole, Uggs, & The One Shoe Every Woman Should Have

Talk about multi-tasking! Between helping my bff’s hubby throw her a surprise 30th bday bash and simultaneously popping by Steve Madden’s meet and greet event at Dillard’s in the Pembroke Lakes Mall, this past weekend was more than a little crazy for A Sparkle Factor! Personal obligations aside, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet one of the fashion industry’s most renowned fashion personalities. (Plus, the man who’s designed at least 48% of my shoe wardrobe over the years!)

A Sparkle Factor Steve Madden Interview

Everyone knows Steve Madden. His sexy, affordably priced line is a wardrobe staple for basically every woman in the US. Saturday, April 12th, the shoe department at Dillard’s was packed with shoe lovers hours before Steve’s appearance. Lines to meet Steve snaked around the entire store, energy was up, and the stunning Julissa Bermudez (spring-ready in a super cute, flirty little mint dress!) emcee’d the whole thing. Dillard’s raffled off shoes, gave out tote bags and tees, and everyone got to meet the famed designer. Celebrating spring trends and the new Keyshia Cole collaboration, there was tons to talk about and see. Before Steve met with his legions of fans, we had the chance to sit down in a quiet spot and chat about UGGs, working with Keyshia Cole, the one shoe every woman should have in her closet, and lots more. (ed note: SP is Stephanie Pernas, SM is Steve Madden and MP is Megan Pernas, A Sparkle Factor’s official photog.)

A Sparkle Factor Steve Madden Interview

SP: Are you happy to be in Miami?

SM: Yes, I LOVE Miami!

SP: So, you’ve been around for so long and have covered all of the trends over the decades… what is one trend you would bring back if you could resuscitate any trend? If anyone can do it… it’s you!

SM: I guess like a lot of platform oxfords and stuff like that. You know, Big E.V.A. rampy bottoms. I kind of like that. I’d like to bring that back.

SP: What is your favorite trend for spring/summer 14?

SM: My favorite trend for spring summer 14? I suppose it’s new dress shoes.  Pretty dress shoes. I like that.

SP: I love dress shoes!

SM: Yeah.

SP: I’m a sucker, I like… no flats. I mean, I wear them, but you know! What do you think the next big shoe trend is?


SM: I think we’re moving into a big sneaker kind-of-a run. So I think that’s kind of where we are.

SP: Comfort?

SM: Comfort.

SP: Comfort over style?

SM: No, NEVER! Never! But, sneakers, you know, I’m seeing kind of a new, fun, young sneaker.

SP: What’s one trend you wish you could just banish? One you just don’t want to see anymore?

SM: Oh, God… um… UGGS.


MP: That’s a Miami thing!

SP: Oh, yeah, the second it’s like 60 here, everyone’s like “oh it’s time for Uggs”, I just…. I just, can’t even.

SM: Where did you grow up?

SP: I grew up here, but I moved to New York right after college and kind of made the  rounds, I was at glamour, teen vogue, women’s health and then my dad passed away, so I moved back to Miami to be with family…and then, you know. But… yeah, I feel like the New Yorker in me jars at it… coming back, it’s like… maybe I didn’t notice it as much growing up, but now… What’s one shoe that you feel every woman should have in her closet?

SM: I think she should have a nice little rope wedge in the summer. A nice little platform wedge. I like rope bottoms. Like espadrilles.

SP: I like them too… and I feel like they’re more comfortable.

SM: Well…

SP: …But still stylish.

SM: Mhm!

SP: So I heard you guys brought a lot of new, extra shoes with you for the event.

SM: Yeah, you’ll see them, they’re out there, go take a look! Yeah, there’s a lot of new stuff out there.

Steve Madden Pembroke Lakes Mall

SM: What do you think about Keyshia Cole?

SP: I love her! I think she’s great, I think she’s so fashion-forward and fashionable…

SM: Yeah.

SP: I love that she has fun with fashion and she’s really edgy, you know, I love that, I think footwear should be fun, and I’m glad that she kind of agrees. And I know that you agree!

SM: Yeah!

SP: What was your favorite thing about working with her?

SM: I like Keyshia a lot. I just like her personally. And she’s so pretty.

SP: I mean, she’s GORGEOUS.

SM: She’s beautiful. We had fun together.

SP: Do you have a favorite from that collaboration?

A Sparkle Factor Steve Madden Interview

SM: That one right there. (Points at the neon yellow Keyshia Cole for Steve Madden pumps)

SP: That’s a SICK shoe. I love a bright.

SM: Yeah.

SP: Do you have a favorite texture or color you like to work with?

SM: We love black shoes. (laughs)

SP: Just because… they go with everything?

SM: Yeah. (laughs)

A Sparkle Factor Steve Madden Interview

Me and Steve!

Photo Apr 12, 2 10 45 PM

Steve and host Julissa Bermudez.

Photo Apr 12, 1 30 31 PM

Event host Julissa Bermudez snaps a selfie with a fan.

steve madden

Steve meeting some fans.

Photo Apr 12, 1 43 30 PM

1/15th of the line up to meet Steve… the line wrapped around the store!

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