Off The Shoulder Floral Midi Dress + Getting Inspired

choies-off-the-shoulder-floral-midi-dress-6-of-12Happy Friday! Raise your hand if you’re as excited for the weekend as I am! Another week down, am I right? After a few weeks of sharing my travels with ya’ll, I was pretty excited to get back into the swing of things and kick off my summer-to-fall transitional content. As much as I enjoyed Europe and love the content I was able to create as a result of our trip, I was kind of excited to get back to “normal” and shoot some fun fall looks for you!

Blogging is SO my dream job. I love creating content, I love that I basically get to play dress up 24/7, and I love that I have this space where we can chat style, beauty, and life. I love brainstorming a new season, having a vision for the blog, and making it happen.

What to do if you need inspiration…

If you’re working on something and you just need a little inspiration, take a break. Don’t force it. Go to the gym, watch a movie, read a book. Head to a coffee shop. Make a date with a gal pal to catch up. Oftentimes, just stepping back for a second will open up a whole new window of ideas and creativity! (Oh yeah, and flowers. Flowers ALWAYS help!)

What inspires me…

As a fashion blogger, I feel like I’m constantly on the lookout for inspiration. When you are always creating, it’s important to keep your eyes open and allow yourself to be inspired by any and everything. Books, movies, pop culture, music. Flipping through a magazine, checking out other girls’ blogs, heading out to the mall. When I’m looking for inspiration, often just getting out of the house and into a new environment does the trick.

I’m so inspired by other #girlbosses who work hard on their hustle and kill it every. Single. Day. I can’t tell you how much I love reading other girls’ stories and getting to know them via their blogs and social media accounts. I love seeing how they styled some of my favorite pieces and seeing them style something in a way that I wouldn’t have thought of! (By the way– it’s totally awesome to be inspired by other amazing gals’ style and making it your own… it’s NOT okay to blatantly rip off someone else’s work! Make sure that you’re careful when reinterpreting someone else’s vision!)

Another thing that REALLY helps me feel inspired? Making sure I get dressed up, whether it’s to run errands or just be around the house getting stuff done. Dresses make this so easy! One and done.

I’ve worn this off the shoulder floral midi dress a few times lately and received SO. MANY. COMPLIMENTS! I wore it in Charleston to TBS Con and then wore it for Amanda’s Brushes and Bubbly event, which you may have spotted me Snapchatting/Instagramming about. It’s a great end-of-summer dress, and I felt like pairing it with a dark bold lip sort of helped give it a bit more of an autumnal feel.

choies-off-the-shoulder-floral-midi-dress-1-of-1 choies-off-the-shoulder-floral-midi-dress-2-of-12choies-off-the-shoulder-floral-midi-dress-9-of-12choies-off-the-shoulder-floral-midi-dress-4-of-12choies-off-the-shoulder-floral-midi-dress-3-of-12 choies-off-the-shoulder-floral-midi-dress-5-of-12choies-off-the-shoulder-floral-midi-dress-11-of-12choies-off-the-shoulder-floral-midi-dress-7-of-12 choies-off-the-shoulder-floral-midi-dress-10-of-12

Tell me in the comments: what inspires you??

xo, Stephanie

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