Gift Guide: For the Techie

TGIF! This week has been sort of nuts… I feel like I’ve been so frazzled! Just me? Well, it’s time for another Gift Guide! Before we start, remember to always look for online discounts when you’re shopping for tech gifts because they can get pretty expensive! Today, I’m delving into the best tech gifts… there are so many amazing things out there, things I can’t even believe, that make awesome gifts! Like- a bracelet that will charge your phone? Get out of here. A stick that plugs into your TV and turns it into a computer?? FOR UNDER $200?? Stop it. The future is now, people. The holidays are the perfect time to splurge on that tech goodie you’ve had your eye on, either for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

I think that tech accessories also make great gifts to supplement maybe an additional gift someone else is giving. (ie: if your mom is giving sis a new iPad, maybe a cute iPad case makes the perfect companion gift!) There are also so many little accessories that make great stocking stuffers, like cute headphones, an affordable phone case, a marble laptop decal. So many options! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite tech gifts and accessories below! (Click on the layout to shop!)

Gift Guide: Tech Gifts

  • Google Chromecast : the Google Chromecast is the perfect gift! I LOVE mine. If you’re not sure what it is, it’s a little drive you stick into the HDMI port in the back of your tv, and then you just use Google Chrome to cast the screen to your TV! You can watch Netflix, stream music, or basically… anything! Apps like Hulu and Netflix on the iPad and iPhone work too! You really don’t need to watch TV on a tiny screen anymore! (BTW- They’re only $35! And Target is currently doing a sale, buy 2 save $15!)
  • Kate Spade x Everpurse charging tote: Never run out of cell phone battery again. This chic tote will charge your phone!
  • Rebecca Minkoff Lighting cable bracelet : UM. THIS BRACELET CHARGES YOUR CELL PHONE. THAT IS ALL. Plus, it’s only $58
  • Intel boxed compute stick: Can we talk about how crazy amazing this is?? It’s perfect for the traveler that doesn’t want to haul a laptop around with them. This teeny tiny stick will turn any TV screen or monitor into a computer! Now, the storage is super basic, but it’s great if you’re looking to browse the internet, or watch Netflix on a real tv, the sky’s the limit. Oh yeah, and it comes with Windows 10 AND IS ONLY $176.
  • Apple Watch: at the top of my wishlist, I doubt I need to sell you on WHY the Apple Watch is such an amazing gift.
  • Sony Alpha a 5000 Mirrorless DSLR: I have this camera and love it! I use it for travel, when I go to events, or basically just around. I prefer to take photos on it when I want quality a little better than an iPhone, without having to haul my DSLR around. You can buy different lenses for your purposes, but even the kit lens it comes with is great! It also has built in wifi, so you can transfer photos to your phone immediately and post to Instagram!
  • Apple iPad : the iPad is probably the best gift I’ve ever gotten. I use mine, literally, every single day.
  • Baublebar x Target headphones : these headphones are super glam, and only $39.99
  • Tory Burch Fitbit wrap bracelet: slip your Fitbit into this little bracelet and add it to your armparty to keep track of your stats! (Fitbits are so ugly…) Remember that only Fitbit Flex works with this bracelet! It’s $175 and comes in 5 different colors! If you don’t have a Fitbit or think that they are too expensive but would like a fitness tracker have a look at this guide to finding the best cheap fitness tracker.

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