Lace Bow Tie Dress + Leather Jacket


Happy Friday! This week sort of flew by for me, I don’t know about for you! Traveling can do that, right? Well, after getting back from NYC late Tuesday night, I felt like I had SO much to do the rest of the week! Well, the weekend is here and it’ll be nice to have a second to breathe before a new week kicks off. I still can’t believe it’s October, and by now we’re almost halfway through… what?! Before you know it, it’ll be Thanksgiving and then Christmas…!

But anyway. The weather in Boston was just so gorgeous and I was so excited to be able to wear my over the knee boots and leather jacket… I basically wore nothing else! (Unless I was wearing these booties, of course!) I had my eye on this little sleeveless dress for awhile, and it initially sold out at Nordstrom almost immediately. Having missed my chance, I was really excited when I saw that they restocked it and that Shopbop was also carrying it! I love the lace bowtie and the chiffon shirtdress style… it’s oddly more flattering than I initially thought it would be. I kind of love the contradiction of the soft, feminine style with the edgier boots and leather jacket… it feels right, doesn’t it? By the way– these boots are the black version of the boots I wore in yesterday’s post! Love them!

I wore this look on one of our last days of the trip, but I wanted to share it now, because it’s included in Shopbop’s big sale, and is also on sale for $47 at Nordstrom right now! Remember that the Shopbop sale is buy more, save more. You get 25% off your purchase up to $500 and 35% off your purchase of $500+ with the code MAINEVENT16. My go-to quilted chain bag is also included in the sale!

We went to the beautiful Beacon Hill neighborhood to check out the brownstones and get breakfast at Tatte Bakery & Cafe where I had the yummiest latte and croissant breakfast sandwich…. plus… the white marble table was ALL THE GOALS! img_6605wayf-sleeveless-bow-tie-dress-chinese-laundry-over-the-knee-boots-who-what-wear-leather-jacket-8-of-8 wayf-sleeveless-bow-tie-dress-chinese-laundry-over-the-knee-boots-who-what-wear-leather-jacket-7-of-8 wayf-sleeveless-bow-tie-dress-chinese-laundry-over-the-knee-boots-who-what-wear-leather-jacket-6-of-8 wayf-sleeveless-bow-tie-dress-chinese-laundry-over-the-knee-boots-who-what-wear-leather-jacket-4-of-8 wayf-sleeveless-bow-tie-dress-chinese-laundry-over-the-knee-boots-who-what-wear-leather-jacket-3-of-8 wayf-sleeveless-bow-tie-dress-chinese-laundry-over-the-knee-boots-who-what-wear-leather-jacket-3-of-3 wayf-sleeveless-bow-tie-dress-chinese-laundry-over-the-knee-boots-who-what-wear-leather-jacket-2-of-8 wayf-sleeveless-bow-tie-dress-chinese-laundry-over-the-knee-boots-who-what-wear-leather-jacket-2-of-3 wayf-sleeveless-bow-tie-dress-chinese-laundry-over-the-knee-boots-who-what-wear-leather-jacket-1-of-8 wayf-sleeveless-bow-tie-dress-chinese-laundry-over-the-knee-boots-who-what-wear-leather-jacket-1-of-3

Remember that the big Shopbop sale ends TONIGHT! So if you have your eye on something… now’s the time! It’ll be back to full price tomorrow and, woof, who wants that? How about you… are you shopping the Shopbop sale? What are you snagging? Let me know in the comments!