Mavatar: My Secret to Savvy Shopping

I once heard it said that one can’t be stylish without being smart. I love that! It’s a motto I carry into my own life and personal style. There’s nothing chic about being foolish. I think that credo extends into how we shop and spend our money as well. Let’s be honest, few women have unlimited funds to shop with; most of us have to shop smart and make tough decisions about where and how we choose to invest. (Besides, there’s no feeling worse than when you buy something and you find out later you missed out on a discount or coupon code that could’ve saved you a few $$!)

Enter Mavatar. In case you aren’t familiar, Mavatar is an online shopping platform/app that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE (well, your shopping life, at least!). Basically, it’s a browser extension that you install onto Safari, Chrome or Firefox that monitors your online shopping carts, and like your shopping savvy best friend, automatically applies all discounts and coupon codes to your cart. Essentially, it saves you money without you having to do anything. (WIN!) For more info about how it works, check out some videos here or an FAQ here.

So, with all that said, GREAT news. I’ve partnered with Mavatar to share some of my favorite finds, must have items, and shopping scores with all of you! I’ll be sharing my collections, and all you have to do is sign up to see my picks and score your own great deals, automatically. (Seriously, it’s so easy. DO IT! You’ll save so much money.)

With spring officially here, I’m craving pinks in my closet more than ever. (Because really, I always want pink in my closet. Call me the quintessential “Girly Girl”.) So, for my first Mavatar collection, I scoured my fave stores for some pretty pink pieces and below is a little preview! Click on the link to check out the  FULL collection and let me know: What do you think about Mavatar? Will you use it? 

mavatar pretty in pink



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