New Year, New Look With Lookmatic

UPDATE: Do you love Lookmatic’s super chic frames as much as I do? Use the code “SPARKLE” to save 20% off your purchase on their website! 

I have the absolute worst vision of anyone I know. (Don’t even try to play the whole, “I bet mine is worse” game with me… I guarantee that you’ll lose!) The thing about having a high prescription is- your glasses? Not cute. I’m talking Coke-bottle lenses 2 inches thick.  Truth be told, I’ve always felt completely hideous in glasses and envied all the adorable, cool girls that could wear theirs in public. I know, I know, you can pay for thinner lenses, but you know what? After a certain point, it doesn’t matter my friends. Even thinner, they’re still 2 inches thick if your vision is as bad as mine. (Which in turn, gives you little mole eyes…)

Because of this, up until an unfortunate eye-dryness incident a couple of years ago, I NEVER wore my glasses in public. EVER. I’d wear them at home, of course. But never in front of anyone. And then The Dry Eye Thing (which then became The Red Eye Thing) happened and had I was forced to wear them to work. For 3 weeks. And an amazing thing happened. I suddenly didn’t mind wearing them in public anymore! People rolled their eyes and told me I was crazy, that I looked fine in them! (A guy even told me he thought I looked- gasp – CUTE in them. But I think he was lying, let’s be honest.) I still don’t feel my absolute cutest in them. But I don’t feel hideous in them anymore. I have a hypothesis that if I bought a pair of REALLY CUTE glasses, I would kick my glasses-phobia for good.

Enter Lookmatic. I ADORE Lookmatic. Every pair of glasses including lens is $95. You go on their website, pick 5 styles you love, and they send them to you to try on at home. When you pick one, you send them back for them to fit with your lens and voila, you have a super cute pair of glasses! So, I got my 5 pairs and tried them all on. Truth be told, I had a little bit of trouble securing 5 pairs I loved. I was totally crazy about a few styles that were unavailable for in-home try on, and was too impatient to wait. In any case, I did find a pair I loved! The pair that won me over? APPRENTICE!

To Buy: Tippi/Slims/Apprentice/Uncle Leonard/Jones

Tell me in the comments: What do you think? Which pair do you like? Have you ordered glasses online before?

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