Nordstrom Rack WPB Opening: What I Scored

I absolutely love the Nordstrom Rack! When I’m shopping, it’s always the first place I check out for great deals. Offering great savings on designers we love like Kate Spade, DVF, Marc Jacobs and more, I can ALWAYS find something at the Rack. I was invited last night to shop a preview of the shiny new Nordstrom Rack that opening this morning at The Palm Beach Outlets. Even though I live an hour and a half away, I will ALWAYS make a drive if it means great shopping. And I’M GLAD I DID. The very first thing I spotted when I walked in? The $450 pink glitter Miu Miu sunglasses I’ve had my eye on for two years… for $69.97. Any of my co-workers at Teen Vogue would tell you… the first time I spotted them, I WAS IN LOVE. I just had a hard time justifying dropping half a grand on a pair of pink glitter sunnies, but for $69.97?? DONE. The preview was super fun- servers were passing out macarons, and there was champagne and Diet Coke being served in glass bottles. Guests got to take home a special tote bag.

Among my other scores of the day were a pair of pearl studded Kate Spade bow earrings (FOR $14.97! I snatched up an extra pair in case I need to give any gifts soon), the most fabulous Kate Spade phone case ($18.97) and an amazing black crepe boyfriend blazer by Lush ($29.97)… it’s perfect for Miami, because it’s totally lightweight and easy. The Kate Spade phone case is my new obsession. You know I love the wittiness of Kate Spade, and this phone case is adorable and fun. (Plus, in case you never put it together, Je Ne Sais Quoi is basically the French equivalent of A Sparkle Factor, non?) The TooFaced bronzer palette was $16.97, and has the matte chocolate soleil bronzer, which is perfect for contouring, a highlighter/bronzer duo, and a third shimmery bronzer. A total bargain.
Nordstrom Rack (1 of 1)Nordstrom Rack (6 of 12) Nordstrom Rack (9 of 12) Nordstrom Rack (12 of 12)Nordstrom Rack (10 of 12)

If you’re in the south Florida area, I definitely recommend a trip to the WPB Nordstrom Rack! Interested in shopping my finds? If you’re in another city… make sure you get to your local Rack ASAP! The Rack has a search-and-send service… they can find merch at other stores and send it directly to you! (Plus, you can always try Nordstrom Rack online.

About the WPB Nordstom Rack:
PHONE: (561) 491-4540
SIZE: ~35,000 sq. ft.
REGULAR STORE HOURS: Monday – Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m., Sunday 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Follow @PalmBeach_Rack for merchandise arrivals, promotions and events


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