Obsessed: Nine West ‘Kenie’ Cage Booties

I fall in love fast and hard. There’s really no way around it- when you know, you know, and when I know, I know immediately. That’s just how it is… I’ll be scrolling through Instagram, or perusing my favorite online website, and suddenly, BAM, like a train, it hits me. “I MUST have that,” I think to myself as my pulse quickens and my breathing speeds up.

So was the case when I spotted the Nine West ‘Kenie’ cage bootie. Truth be told, the lace up bootie is a huge trend this season and is no new kid on the block as far as trends go. Hitting all price points from the ultra-luxe to the bargain basement, it’s a trend that can’t be ignored. I really don’t know why the ‘Kenie’ stood out to me, or why it was the one that caught my sartorial heart, but it just was. I can’t really look at another the pair with the same feeling of desire. (Except for the ever-popular Zara version, but it’s been sold out for who knows HOW long, thus making it the elusive Ryan Gosling of lace-up booties as far as I’m concerned.)

Maybe I just have a soft spot for Nine West. (I had a similar, visceral reaction to the Nine West Hotlist glitter sandal last year whilst in the fashion closet at Teen Vogue, but I digress.) Maybe it’s the fact that Nine West just produces a really great quality product at a good price. Maybe it’s the fact that the style is just RIGHT. Maybe it’s all of the above. Whatever the reason, the Nine West ‘Kenie’ is super sexy. The nude is the perfect shade of blush, the black suede is ultra luxe, and the black patent doesn’t look cheap, as most patent tends to. The shoe is perfect to pair with anything from jeans to dresses. I’m obsessed! Tell me: what shoe are you obsessed with right now?

Nine West Kenie
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