How to Spot the Perfect Transitional Floral for Fall

Miami fashion blogger Stephanie Pernas styles the Billabong Stevie dress for summer and fall

Outfit Details

Billabong Stevie floral dress Baublebar Sardinia Tassel earrings, c/o Mar y Sol Mia clutch Merona Marcella block heel sandals Baublebar Crystal Mason ring Baublebar Egg ring 


One of the easiest ways to start transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall is to start integrating good transitional florals. Lots of gals think of floral prints as a spring-only print, but they couldn’t be more wrong. While a floral can still work beautifully in the cooler months of the year, not all florals will work year round. So, how do you go about figuring out if a floral is fall-appropriate? There are a few things you can look for..

Color Palette

Choose a floral that’s either on a dark background or made up of more traditional “fall” colors like jewel tones, dark colors, or neutrals. Typically pastels won’t work as well or bold bright colors. Keep the color palette richer or more muted tones. Basically, use your common sense. A neon floral is not going to work, obviously.


Now, this is a sort of contradiction because the dress I’m wearing here is chiffon… but typically, a heavier fabric will be better. Of course, there are exceptions, but it’s another case-by-case, use your judgment situation. This dress works because it is darker tones, but stay away from a light color AND a light fabric.


The easiest way to make a floral fall-appropriate is to style the rest of the outfit accordingly. Mixing textures is a GREAT way to achieve this… pairing a lightweight chiffon piece with a chunky knit, for example, is a great way to transition the piece. Styling a floral with fall accessories like a blanket scarf, a felt hat, or booties/boots will also go a long way in transitioning the floral for fall.

Since I was in Bonita Springs and it was still technically summer when I styled this outfit, I opted for more summer-appropriate accessories like these nude block heel sandals and a straw clutch, but you can see how easily I could swap in some booties and maybe a knit waterfall sweater vest for a fall update, right? (Have my eye on this one!)

Check out the rest of my look below:

Miami fashion blogger Stephanie Pernas styles a floral chiffon dress

Fashion blogger Stephanie Pernas wearing a Nordstrom bell sleeve dress

Merona Marcella block heel sandals Fashion blogger Stephanie Pernas styles an affordable floral dress

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you had a great weekend!  Hit the comments and let me know– what do you look for in a fall floral?? How do you know if it’s appropriate for the season?


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