Rose Ruffle Romper + Jean Jacket


choies-white-rose-romper-j-crew-factory-jean-jacket-baublebar-whitely-choker-chinese-laundry-calvary-rebecca-minkoff-quilted-mini-affair-5-of-13Hope you babes had a great weekend! I spent mine pretty much working… I’ve been working on something for the blog that I’ll share soon! I’m so excited for you to see it, I think you’ll really love it. In the meantime, I’ve been pretty much working 16 hours a day and driving myself insane. I realized last week that I’m 99% sure my desk chair is giving me LEG VEINS, so I’m on the hunt for a new one! (I’m currently sitting on a pillow on a ghost chair LOL.) Thinking of scooping up this one or this one… but they’re both on back order. Insert eyeroll here, right? 

I decided to sit this season of New York Fashion Week out, but seeing everyone’s Instagrams has given me major FOMO. Not to mention the fact that everyone is insistent that WE ARE NOW WEARING OUR FALL CLOTHES, but really, it’s still in the 80s/90s here in Miami… so. Yeah. I have to entertain myself with wearing some of my favorite summer pieces like this rose print romper, and finding ways to make them feel a little more autumnal. (Sidenote: can you believe it’s $11.90?!)

Enter my fave jean jacket. You know I wear this jacket CONSTANTLY. It’s truly one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. If you don’t have a jean jacket… I don’t know who you are. YOU NEED TO HAVE A JEAN JACKET. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A JEAN JACKET. I’ve had this one for I don’t even know how many years now… J.Crew Factory keeps bringing it back in slightly different washes, so while the color may be a tad less whiskered, it’s the same cut.

I wore this outfit in Charleston for TBS Con, and have broken it out a few times since because it’s so cute. I can’t get enough of this Baublebar ‘Whitely bow’ choker, which I AM SO EXCITED to announce is back in stock for the third time. Yep. It’s sold out twice already, so you need to snatch it while you can!

These shoes have been on major repeat (I’m sure you’ve noticed!) because they are a) so freaking comfortable and b) SOOO cute. I can’t recommend them enough. The fact that they’re suede makes them feel a little bit fall-appropriate. Check out the look below:

choies-white-rose-romper-j-crew-factory-jean-jacket-baublebar-whitely-choker-chinese-laundry-calvary-rebecca-minkoff-quilted-mini-affair-7-of-13 choies-white-rose-romper-j-crew-factory-jean-jacket-baublebar-whitely-choker-chinese-laundry-calvary-rebecca-minkoff-quilted-mini-affair-13-of-13 choies-white-rose-romper-j-crew-factory-jean-jacket-baublebar-whitely-choker-chinese-laundry-calvary-rebecca-minkoff-quilted-mini-affair-6-of-13choies-white-rose-romper-j-crew-factory-jean-jacket-baublebar-whitely-choker-chinese-laundry-calvary-rebecca-minkoff-quilted-mini-affair-12-of-13choies-white-rose-romper-j-crew-factory-jean-jacket-baublebar-whitely-choker-chinese-laundry-calvary-rebecca-minkoff-quilted-mini-affair-9-of-13 choies-white-rose-romper-j-crew-factory-jean-jacket-baublebar-whitely-choker-chinese-laundry-calvary-rebecca-minkoff-quilted-mini-affair-4-of-13choies-white-rose-romper-j-crew-factory-jean-jacket-baublebar-whitely-choker-chinese-laundry-calvary-rebecca-minkoff-quilted-mini-affair-10-of-13
choies-white-rose-romper-j-crew-factory-jean-jacket-baublebar-whitely-choker-chinese-laundry-calvary-rebecca-minkoff-quilted-mini-affair-3-of-13 choies-white-rose-romper-j-crew-factory-jean-jacket-baublebar-whitely-choker-chinese-laundry-calvary-rebecca-minkoff-quilted-mini-affair-11-of-13 choies-white-rose-romper-j-crew-factory-jean-jacket-baublebar-whitely-choker-chinese-laundry-calvary-rebecca-minkoff-quilted-mini-affair-1-of-13 choies-white-rose-romper-j-crew-factory-jean-jacket-baublebar-whitely-choker-chinese-laundry-calvary-rebecca-minkoff-quilted-mini-affair-8-of-13

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