Splurge vs. Steal: Crystal Embellished Sandal

When building your wardrobe, it’s key to be able to identify the areas where you should splurge versus areas where you should save. Upgrading your closet takes time and smart decision making. Investing in timeless key pieces is the most effective way to begin transitioning your closet and upgrading your look. In Splurge vs. Steal, I offer up great splurges and steals to help you make the best decision possible on how to get the most for your money and take your closet to the next level. BTW- looking for a great splurge or steal alternative to something? Let me know and it can be a future story idea! 

The past few seasons,”Ugly chic” has been slowly and quietly popping into mainstream fashion, to mixed results. While it’s no surprise that I would be of the anti-ugly/pro-pretty camp,  I tend to be open-minded about trends and willing to give a shot to the unexpected. I’m an optimist who sees potential in everything, so I tend to be a bit slower on outright rejection of a trend. (Unless it’s something truly, viscerally heinous, like say, Crocs.)

Birkenstocks and Tevas have been making a comeback, and whereas I can’t really rally in terms of accepting a hideous pair of Birks into my shoe rotation, I CAN get on board if they’re, say, embellished with rhinestones. (Obviously. When have I ever said no to a rhinestone??) This morning, I woke up to an email from H&M showcasing some  super cute and affordably priced sandals, instantly zeroing in on a pair of Marni dupes that I HAD to have. Call me crazy, but I kind of PREFER the H&M lookalikes to the Marni pair! Check them out below and tell me in the comments: what do you think about these sandals? Would you wear ’em? Do you prefer the H&M version or the Marni pair? 

splurge vs steal marni sandal

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