Under the Stars Party

Over the weekend my family and I celebrated my two youngest sisters’ 15th and 17th Birthdays! We decided to throw them a DOUBLE surprise party on Saturday night. (Have you ever thrown a surprise party?? Try throwing one for TWO people… that live at your house… AT your house. It’s CRAZY.) We enlisted the help of their individual best friends for the guest list and my middle sister to get them out of the house. (That was a whole drama in it of itself! We cooked up a decoy sudden urgent visit to my grandfather’s house before an imaginary birthday dinner.) Things definitely didn’t go according to plan! As can be expected with two teenage birthday girls, they didn’t end up leaving the house until 6:45pm, and all the guests arrived at 7:30! We couldn’t set up until they were gone, so we were left scrambling to get everything done! We pulled off the surprise and it was a really great party and a nice night.

We wanted to keep the theme girly, elegant and whimsical. We chose the theme Under the Stars and threw a semi-formal cocktail party out on the patio (sans cocktails of course!). We set up a long banquet table, a fun photo booth and fire pit with s’more station “under the stars”. (Or, twinkle lights!)

For the decor for the Under the Stars party, we went with black table cloths with silver star confetti strewn around the centerpieces that where gold Perrier bottles with stars and paper peonies alternated with glitter glass shakers and glittered votives. (Last seen at my BFF’s bridal shower!)

Over the fire pit, we did fairy lights and hanging glitter stars and tissue paper poufs. (Unfortunately, we realized later that we didn’t get a good picture of the fire pit at night, so I’ve included  a daytime shot of it which is obviously no where near as nice looking, but you get the idea!)

The party was overall a success! Check out the pics below.

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