When I was a little girl, we would run out to the living room on Christmas morning, excited to see what Santa had brought us. While Santa didn’t really have time to wrap all of the presents he left, he did hide some cute little trinkets in our stockings. After admiring our “big” gifts, we would rush over to the fireplace to see what else we had gotten and would always be rewarded with fun little things like DVDs, jewelry, socks, and other great add-on items.

As an adult, when it comes to holiday shopping, for some reason, shopping for stocking stuffers is one of my favorite things! Beauty products, affordable jewelry, little trinkets, and novelty items make great stocking stuffers. I love finding unexpected little goodies that make people smile. These things should be affordable and cute. The great thing is, retailers recognize this and every year release a bunch of great items that work.

To that end, I’ve rounded up a bunch of great items that make for awesome stocking stuffers. Make sure to check back regularly, I’ll be updating this page throughout the season.

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