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Valentine’s Day Pink Lace Midi Dress

I’m definitely feeling in the Valentine’s Day spirit! Last weekend’s Galentine’s Day party with my gal pals really set the…

How to Layer a Sweater Under a Dress

When I’m adding a piece to my wardrobe, I often justify a purchase by asking myself how else I can style it. (Creative styling is totes the way to get extra mileage out of your everyday basics!) I scooped up this denim dress at the beginning of the fall, you may remember it from this post. Every time I come across it in my closet, I sort of pause and try to brainstorm how else to wear it. After shooting this ruffle sweater recently, I had a thought that it would look amazing layered under something else. (I mean, with a sleeve like that? It’s begging to be showcased under something else, right?) THIS week, I happened to flip across them both in my closet around the same time and was literally, like, hit by a bolt of inspiration to try pairing them together. (This happens to me, like, all the time lol!)