The IT Shoe of Spring 2017

Miami fashion blogger Stephanie Pernas shares the spring 2017 IT shoe, the Marc Fisher Adalyn wedgeIf you follow any blogger gals’ Instagrams, you’ve no doubt spotted the Marc Fisher ‘Adalyn’ wedge; arguably spring 2017’s IT shoe. A mid-priced dupe of Chloe’s espadrille wedge, this comfy neutral dupe hit Instagram feeds everywhere last summer. TBH, I didn’t hop on the bandwagon right away, mainly because at $160, they were a bit of a splurge for me. I finally took the plunge this spring after receiving a gift card at an event and finding them on sale! Had I known then that they’d be restocked THIS year, I would’ve snagged a pair much sooner. (Ahh, regrets.)

Recently, other lower priced dupes have popped up, but honestly, the Marc Fisher pair is still the best on the market and the best for your $$. I’ve gotten SO much wear out of them and have to actively CHOOSE OTHER SHOES because I end up wanting to wear them all the time, with every outfit. (It’s a problem!) They look great with dresses, jeans, even shorts. SO versatile!

They’re actually super comfortable! The key to a comfortable pair of wedges is the incline… these are practically flat. When I first got them, it took a little to break them in. The ankle strap was a bit tight on me and I got a blister on the back of my heel after wearing them to walk a pretty far distance. (This could’ve been avoided by using a piece of moleskin, but I didn’t, ugh.) Now that they’re more broken in and the strap is looser, that doesn’t happen anymore. They run true to size. I’m a 6.5 and they’re perfect.

Now… a word about dupes!! Obviously, the Marc Fisher Adalyn is a dupe of a Chloe, but recently, I fell in love with this dupe by Indigo rd. I found them online and did a literal double take because I couldn’t believe the price, only $69! (They’re also available here in more sizes!) I was so blown away by how exact the dupe was, I did a bit of research, and Indigo rd. is owned by Marc Fisher… meaning that they’re made by the same people with cheaper materials. The black pair I’m wearing below are the Indigo rd. dupes! 

Miami fashion blogger Stephanie Pernas styles her favorite Chloe dupe black wedges

If you’re trying to get the BEST deal on the Marc Fisher Adalyn, the trick is to wait for them to go on sale at Bloomingdale’s or at Lord & Taylor OR ask Nordstrom to price match them for you when they do. Lord & Taylor and Bloomingdale’s are constantly running 20-25% off sales, meaning you can snag the wedges for $120-$128 instead of $160. Nordstrom is AMAZING at price matching, and you don’t have to go in-store to get a price match! Just chat with a Nordstrom customer service rep on their website and they’ll take care of it for you. They’ll have you place the order online and then they go in and re-adjust the price. It’s AWESOME. (I love buying from Nordstrom because I earn Nordstrom Notes.)

They sold out almost immediately last summer and they’ve been re-released twice since. You can still find all sizes, although scattered across different retailers. DEFINITELY need to snag them before they sell out again! I’d suggest to try getting them price matched at Nordstrom first, and then try Lord & Taylor next.

You won’t regret buying them, but you’ll definitely regret missing out when they inevitably sell out again.

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