Win a $500 Ross Gift Card: Enter The ‘Show Off Your Shoes’ Selfie Contest!

As a stylist and fashion blogger, keeping my closet up-t0-date with the latest trends is a top priority. Affordable fashion has always been my passion. Whereas I can certainly appreciate the beauty and luxury of a $3,000 cocktail dress, I savor the thrill of scoring a great deal. Regular trips to off-price retailers like Ross are the way I make sure my closet is always stocked with the latest and greatest, while also staying within a budget. And really, isn’t that the way most ‘real’ women shop? Who can say they DON’T love a good bargain?

So now, the CONTEST! From now until April 18th, Ross is holding a ‘Show Off Your Shoes’ selfie contest on Facebook. Upload a pic of yourself in your fave Ross kicks, get your friends to vote for you, and you’re eligible to win gift cards totaling $500, $300, $150, and $50! (And even though I’m entered to win, you’re my girl and I only want good things for you, so let me know and I’ll vote for you too.)

ross shoe selfie asparklefactor

With that in mind, behold: my latest purchase from Ross, and my very own entry into the ‘Show Off Your Shoes’ contest! (Vote for me here!) I spotted these babies in the shoe department and fell in love. (Actually… I fell in love with a pair of size 5 1/2s. Which I am NOT. So, off hunting I went at Ross store after Ross store, until finally… I found them in a size 7 and we lived happily ever after.) You guys. These shoes. They were $27. They’re a brand I’m OBSESSED with, and super comfortable, to boot. (Mid-heel is the new heel height, after all!) My feet are so happy that they’re comfy yet still stylish. My new faves. Get ready to see them on the blog  ALL THE TIME. So, what do you think? Do you love the shoes? Are you entering the contest? 

Disclosure: These shoes were purchased with a gift card Ross sent me to participate in the contest. 

Photo by: Megan Pernas Photography

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