My Winter Weather Secret Weapon: Fleece Lined Tights

One of the things I miss most about living in New York is having the full experience of the four seasons. In Miami, it’s all summer, all the time. (Well, except for the one week period in December/January where the temperature drops into the high 50s and everyone breaks out their fur coats and Uggs. That, friends, is winter, Miami style.) When I lived in NYC, I loved coming home in the winter months and experiencing some heat, being able to wear shorts and enjoy the beach. Living here fulltime, it definitely gets old.

But, that will not stop me from imparting some of my hard-earned winter wisdom! With the Polar Vortex raging in the north east, I thought I’d share my secret weapon for surviving the frigid winter climates for my friends shivering in the north. Ready? I’m going to change your life.


Fleece lined tights are the answer. Whether you’re layering them under jeans, or braving the arctic in a dress, fleece lined tights are the way to keep warm. I am OBSESSED with fleece lined tights. I stumbled across them in the tights aisle in Duane Reade a few winters ago on a desperate late night tights run. I was instantly attracted to them for their opacity and their warmth factor. (Don’t you hate when you can see your legs through your tights? There’s nothing like a good, opaque, solid tight.) Plus, it felt like wearing sweatpants. WIN.


Check out some great pairs and then tell me in the comments: have you tried out fleece lined tights? What are your secrets to staying warm in the winter?

Shop: H&M/KushyFoot/Shopbop


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